Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Sunday-ish

Thank God for the clever & lovely Melissa, who saved me from coherent thought once again.

One Word Sarcomical Sunday #8

  • Your Shirt: wrinkled
  • To Your Right: windows
  • To Your Left: mirror
  • The Most Recently-Placed Object On Your Desk: phone
  • You Detest: intolerance
  • Have Been Thinking About: work
  • Would Like To Buy: laptop
  • Will Never Buy: gun
  • Your Upcoming Week's Biggest Negative: cleaning
  • Your Upcoming Week's Greatest Plus: weekend
  • Part Of Your Last Meal: asiago
  • Something You Won't Tolerate: lying
  • Something You Can't Turn Down: pastry
  • Your Mind: busy
  • Your Preferred Flavor of Toothpaste: mint
  • The Location of Your First Kiss: forgettable
  • Your Favorite Part of a Picnic: sunshine
  • A Favorite Type of Tree: magnolia
  • The Last Thing You Completed: book
  • You'd Love To Be Invisible For One Day In a Room With: Dubya



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