Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Four Days Left!
Four Days Left!

I'm training my replacement at the office this week. Fortunately, she's not a complete idiot (a ringing endorsement, no?), but the process is very difficult for me. I am more of a "just get out of my way & let me do it, God, why do I have to keep explaining things to you?" kind of person. Plus this whole training thing has taken up all the free time I have at work, which makes it nearly impossible to blog. Not that I would ever blog at work. Of course. But if I did, I would have time to tell you all about my mom getting lost in Pittsburgh for two hours, in spite of various sailors and construction workers attempting to send her in the right direction. And then she spent another two hours cleaning my louver doors with a Q-tip. And she's still speaking to me. My mom rocks. But since I should be packing, I will have to content myself with this:

One-Word Sarcomical Sunday # 6
(Only One Day Late!)

  • Your Mood: frenzied
  • What You're Craving: chocolate
  • Your Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
  • Your Mind: shredded
  • Something that Cheers You Up: Chris
  • Something that Depresses You: loss
  • Where Your Keys Rest at Night: somewhere
  • A TV Gameshow You Secretly Get Into: none
  • The Way You Like Your Eggs: omelette
  • Your Hair: curly
  • The Last Thing You Ordered Online: curtains
  • The Messiest Room In Your Home Right Now: all
  • Your Least Favorite Month: January
  • The Worst Fashion Fad You Participated In: blond
  • How Many Times In the Night You Get Up To Pee (on average): one
  • Your Journey: meandering
  • A Sound that Makes You Happy: purring
  • Your First Date: amazing
  • Something You Wish You Did More Often: exercise
  • Something You Admire: fearlessness
  • The First Place You Go When You Get Home: mail
  • What You're Going to Do Now: pack

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