Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Of All the Things I've Lost
Of All the Things I've Lost

I miss my mind the most.

I just wandered around my house for, literally, ten minutes, tossing things aside & tearing through boxes, until I finally just stopped in the middle of the upstairs hallway & said - out loud, even though no one else was there, not even the cats - "For the love of God, where in the hell did I pack the . . . ponytail . . . holder . . . thingies . . .". Because not only could I not find a ponytail holder thing, I couldn't even think of what they are actually called. Elastics? Hairbands? Whatever. Either I am in the beginning stages of early-onset Alzheimer's, or I have so much crap going on, I can't even string two coherent words together.* Which is a perfect segue into . . .

One Word Sarcomical Sunday #5
(Only Five Days Late)

  • Your Current Footwear: pink
  • Something You're Doing Later: packing
  • Something You Wish You Could Do Right Now: unpack
  • Your Age At the Time Of Your First Kiss: ?
  • Your Feelings About Global Warming: worried
  • A Sport You Wish Would Never Be Shown On Television: fishing
  • Something On Your Desk that Shouldn't Be: piles
  • A Word To Describe The Current State of Your Sex Life: hopeful
  • How the Sky Looks Right Now: dark
  • Which of Snow White's 7 Dwarfs You'd Be: Grumpy
  • Your Preferred Birthday Cake: pie
  • A Magazine You Subscribe To: none
  • Number of Piercings You Have: two
  • Your Favorite Delivery/Takeout Item: Chinese
  • A Game You Hate to Play: cards
  • The Name of Your First Real-Life Crush: John
  • The Hand You Write With: right
  • The Hand You Wear Watches On: left
  • Your Clothes Closet: trashed
  • The Side of the Bed You Sleep On (from the on-the-bed perspective): left
  • A Flavor You Love: cheesy
  • Your Car: beast
  • The Last Thing You Misplaced: mind
  • Your High School Mascot: Spartan
  • Your Wasted Talent: talent?

* Did I tell you that I cut off all of my hair? Because I did. Chopped it all off way back in January, the same day that I got a call from Jack, telling me "Hey, remember how you thought your house was going to sell? Yeah, not so much." So now it's at about chin length. Which is not exactly long enough for even the most pathetic ponytail. Which did not stop me from searching for a holder (elastic? band?) for ten minutes. Perhaps my mind has been packed already & I will discover it after we move.

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Blogger bhm said...

Um, HELLO. You cut your hair off??? CHIN length???? You have the shortest haircut since I've known you and you didn't send a picture? I'm holding my breath until you do...

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