Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Moved

Remind me why I was so excited about moving. We are officially moved into our new house & I am surrounded by seemingly insurmountable chaos. Boxes everywhere. Only some of them are actually labeled. Even less are labeled with information that makes any sense or has any relation to the contents actually found therein. We had to brush our teeth with Listerine on Sunday (the toothpaste was eventually found in a box labeled "office supplies") and I couldn't find my underwear (in the "sleepwear" box) until Monday. And the best part is, I have imposed upon myself a completely arbitrary & utterly unrealistic deadline to have everything unpacked & our new house in perfect order within one week. Why?, you ask. Well, clearly I am a total idiot.

But I am an idiot that will have a clean, well-organized house within a week.

Or I will crack from the pressure and Chris will come home to find me hiding under the dining room table, clutching a box cutter and weeping over our lack of adequate storage space.

In case you're wondering, no, I haven't found my mind yet. It must be in one of those unmarked boxes.

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Blogger Mrs. T said...

Have strength! And if you run out of that, have a margarita.
Boy, do I not envy you! Get your beds set up and your kitchen in order first, and then the rest won't seem so bad

Blogger Kimmy753 said...

Moving is hell isn't it? I swear, I'm never moving again. This is the house in which I will die. I wonder if you're feeling the same way. :)

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