Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Looking for Answers
Looking for Answers

I'm sure you've all been wondering what exactly I've been doing with myself now that I am officially unemployed. Some of you (those of you how either don't know me very well or have generously given me the benefit of the doubt) may have assumed that I'm busy unpacking / cleaning / cooking a lovely dinner for my wonderful husband / looking for a new job in order to support my Coach habit. And of course, I am doing all of those things. Or, um, I've done some of those things. Occasionally. I've also taken lots of bubble baths in my glorious new whirlpool tub, checked out my local library & discovered that daytime television is dismal. In short, I've had lots of time to ponder the Great Mysteries of Life, to wit:

  • Does ESPN not have a stylist of any kind for their anchors?
  • Don't any of those men at least have wives / girlfriends / significant others to help them out? Sean Salisbury & Barry Melrose, I'm talking to you!
  • Am I the only one who cares about this? My husband is surprisingly unconcerned about their wardrobe & hairstyle choices.
  • Am I the only one who has noticed that Sandra Lee is a lush? Seriously, I am all about the cocktails, and I do appreciate the fact that every single episode of her show includes a cocktail recipe, but she gets much too elated about cooking sherry. Also, "tablescape" is not a word & no one should be that enthralled over napkin rings & teacup favors.
  • In real life, does anyone actually have favors for their dinner guests?
  • Seriously, do they? Have I been committing a horrible entertaining faux pas all these years?
  • Why does everyone on the planet eat a piece of pie &/or pizza starting at the point?
  • When did "chocolate" become a muffin flavor, just like blueberry or banana nut?
  • Isn't a chocolate muffin just a cupcake without frosting?
  • Does calling it a muffin somehow make it healthier?
  • Since I assume it does not, isn't eating a cupcake a lot more fun than eating a muffin? Because I would rather have one cupcake than a whole basket of muffins.
  • Does anyone actually like that lingonberry stuff at IKEA?
  • How is it possible that you can put together an entire IKEA wood TV stand with one tiny hex key (included in the box), but the little cardboard storage boxes require a screwdriver and a wrench and the towel bars don't even come with screws?
  • How is it possible that, knowing that, I still get sucked in to the Swedish quagmire that is IKEA every time?
  • Even more confounding is how did I get sucked into American Idol this year, which leads to the most baffling question of all time - How is Sanjaya Malakar still on American Idol? The boy cannot sing & his stage presence is so awkward, it's physically painful. I am saying little prayers that this is his last week.
  • Am I the only person who thinks that Tony Bennett's sole accomplishment is outliving his contemporaries? Although I will say that I went to an exhibit of his paintings once, and they were surprisingly good.
  • Speaking of people that can't sing, why does Fergie have to spell at least one word in all of her songs?
  • And if she must spell some random word in each song, why wouldn't she make sure that the word is spelled correctly? FYI, T-A-S-T-E-Y is not how you spell tasty.

I have also discovered this week (in case you could not have guessed) that I am terminally unhip. I have no idea who at least 60% of the "celebrities" in the last issue of Rolling Stone were. (Danger Mouse? The Arcade Fire? Who are these people?) Soon I'm going to be one of Those People who bitches about "kids today" & the horrible music they listen to & how they can't spell or hold an actual conversation & have no sense of personal responsibility & Lord God almighty, must all of the girls dress like tarts? Oh, wait. I am That Person.

I think I need to start looking for a job.



Blogger Kimmy753 said...

Oh Shawnee..thank you SO much for making me laugh. I had a really crappy day yesterday at work, and arriving here today (not that I'm reading blogs at work or anything), I was skeptical..but you changed that.

I too don't get Sanjaya. He makes me cringe. Kinda like I do when someone is crunching on chips REALLY loudly near my desk. And..Haley..why must she always wear something in which you can see clear up to Tuesday?

Gawd..I'm one of those people too.

Blogger bhm said...

Ooo, Oo, I know who Danger Mouse is. But not Arcade Fire. Does that make me half-hip??

And btw, welcome to the wonderful world of teaching. This is how I live my life. Knowing there's more I should be doing, but instead ending up on the couch watching bad TV.

Blogger metalia said...

Oh, but you MUST listen to the Arcade Fire! Trust me on this; they are awesome. Start with their songs "Intervention" and Tunnels". :)

In other news, I have the same issues with Fergie. Spelling words does not a song make.

Blogger Mrs. T said...

Sandra Lee is a total freaking lush- I'm with you on the tablescaping.
I do like the lingonberry stuff and get completely sucked into the IKEA cult. Will be making a trek there later this spring. Wish me luck!
(word verification is "jlobox" - just had to share because I think it's funny)

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