Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Taking Today Off
Taking Today Off

I've made the executive decision to take the rest of the day off. Since today is my first official day of unemployment, this basically means that I am boycotting the whole unpacking / organizing / cleaning thing. Damn it, I have been awake since 3 o'clock this morning with tooth (or, more accurately, lack-of-tooth) pain & I should get some kind of compensation, shouldn't I? However, it has been several months since I have had any time to sit around like third base and I'm not really sure what to do. Oh, I know!

One Word Sarcomical Sunday #7
(Someday I'll actually do this on a Sunday.)

  • Your Weekend: busy
  • Smelling: shampoo
  • Annoyed By: everything
  • Your Face: clean
  • Your Pants: comfy
  • Something You Want To Create: order
  • A Favorite Old Movie Star: Grace
  • Not Looking Forward To: employment
  • Hearing: meow
  • You Wish You Could: sing
  • Last Thing You Cooked: chicken
  • Your Breakfast: none
  • Your Driving Record: nonexistent
  • Last Illness: bronchial
  • Want To Be: relaxed
  • Mind Keeps Wandering To: responsibilities
  • You Despise: ignorance
  • Unprepared For: anything
  • Favorite Part Of Spring: warmth
  • Your Toenails: red
  • Proud Of Your: marriage
  • Not Proud Of Your: fear
  • How You Decompress: reading
  • Your Kitchen Table: antique
  • Something You Want to Accomplish Today: repair

Oh hell. I just remembered that I still have to complete our taxes. So much for relaxing. Now which box do you think the tax file could be in?

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