Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: More Waiting . . .
More Waiting . . .

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
-Winston Churchill

The buyers (whom I have decided to call Poppy & Daffodil for reasons that would make sense to no one but me, but that I find infinitely amusing) were supposed to meet with their new financing rep on Monday. They called an hour before their appointment to cancel & insisted that they couldn't reschedule until today, Wednesday. Which is fine. 'Cause, you know, it's not like I'm dying a little bit inside as I wait to find out if the light at the end of the tunnel has been completely extinguished. Take your time! No rush! At this point, I'm pretty much used to insomnia, hives, heartburn & the complete deterioration of my stomach lining.

Somehow, I think Poppy & Daffodil are impervious to sarcasm, just as they reject nebulous concepts such as contract deadlines.

On a more serious note, I just want to clarify something. I know that, in the overall scheme of things, this is not The Worst Thing Ever. Believe me, I know. I had a brief but nightmarish & soul-sucking first marriage. My independent, amazing grandmother died after an agonizing battle with ALS. I was there when my brilliant & talented 25-year-old cousin succumbed to Hodgkin's disease. So, trust me, I have an acute awareness of what's really important. And if this is the worst thing that Chris & I face in our life together, we will be damn lucky. That said, right now the sale of our house is all that is standing between us & our future. Once it sells, I never have to speak to my ex-husband, or his incompetent attorney, again. I can find a job I love (or at least don't hate) that rewards me for my enthusiasm, knowledge & skills &, hey, maybe even offers medical insurance so I don't go into a deep panic every time either of us has the slightest ailment. Chris can experience the joys of a 20-minute commute & forget all about spending in excess of 60 hours per month just driving to & from his office. Not to mention saving the equivalent of the GNP of Burundi on gas. Plus we will be within 20 miles of IKEA and Sephora and Coach. (Not that I will have any money to shop, but that's hardly the point.)

And if that doesn't give you some indication of the Importance of this, nothing will.



Blogger Big A said...

Where in the hell is Burundi? Yes, that is what I got out of this blog. I know, I know...

Things aren't any better on the home front. i want to blog about it, but not sure if its appropriate.

Talk to you soon.

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