Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: The 2007 Golden Globes
The 2007 Golden Globes
Or, How I Avoided Actual Work For the 8th Consecutive Day

I could pretend that I packed whole rooms full of crap, whipped my house into some semblance of order & generally accomplished Something of Vague Importance last night, but what would be the point? I'm sure you would guess that there's no way in Hell that happened. Instead, I watched the Golden Globes, because hello! George Clooney was a presenter! Surely you don't think I could miss that. Well, okay, he was like the first presenter, so technically I could have turned it off at that point & cleaned or something similarly unappealing, but . . . um, yeah. I didn't. How could I turn off the train wreck that the GG always promises to be? As it turned out, I thought Hugh Laurie was quite amusing, Maria Menounos was painfully awkward & Reese Witherspoon was gorgeous, although I wasn't 100% in love with her dress. At least it wasn't as horrifying as the pink nightmare that the poor misguided actress from Babel wore. Did she throw it together with bath poofs from the hotel?

However, that monstrosity pales in comparison to the terrifying spectacle I witnessed during one break in the festivities. Did anyone else see the new Orville Deadenbacher commercial? *shudder* In case you didn't, it features a digitally-recreated version of the long-deceased popcorn guru. According to
this article, new technology makes it possible for "directors to create and use completely believable . . . authentic digital human with detail, personality and close-up realism." I can only assume that the director (David Fincher, of Seven & Fight Club fame, oddly enough) didn't view the finished product. It would have been far more life-like & less disturbing if they had actually dug up Mr. Redenbacher himself. I wish I could link to it, but I can't seem to find it online. (The commercial, not the dead guy. Is it possible that something exists in the world that can't be found online?) It's probably just as well. I think I'm already scarred from the initial experience. I may never eat popcorn again.

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Blogger Teacher lady said...

Is it just me, or does it look like Reese Witherspoon has boarded the Anorexia Express train to Skeletalville? One of the things I always liked about her was she was actually curvy - not fat - but curvy. You know, like in Legally Blonde when she wears that Playboy Bunny costume to the party that wasn't a costume party? If she is going to be the latest giant head being toted around by a toothpick body, I'm out of the fan club.

Blogger Kimmy753 said...

And Cameron Diaz...did y'all see her? Oh my gosh...she has turned into a goth clown.

Blogger Shawnee said...

I'm not a big fan of Cameron Diaz anyway, but I agree that she looked better as a blonde.

I still maintain that I LOVE the bangs (for Reese).

Anyone else spend an absurd amount of time wondering what the hell Annette Bening was wearing & why Warren Beatty picked her out of ALL the thousands of women he's been with? Or was that just catty little ol' me?

Blogger Kimmy753 said...

I agree...Reese's hair looked great. She has lost some weight though..but I guess divorce will do that to you.

Yeah..Annette..not looking so good last night. I liked Renee Zellweger's dress.

Talking about the Golden Globes is MUCH more fun than working. Don'tcha think?

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