Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Saved
Whew! Just when I thought I would have to come up with words that actually string together to make a coherent sentence, Melissa the Sarcomical came up with another one-word meme. And thus, intelligible blogging can be avoided for yet another day!

  • You Just Finished: coughing
  • The Weather Outside: flurries
  • Character On Your Childhood Lunchbox: Tink
  • Your Mood: tired
  • Britney Spears: trashy
  • Favorite Place In the House: bed
  • Proud To Be: empathetic
  • Favorite Condiment: rémoulade
  • Food Indulgence: truffles
  • Scent You Hate: gardenia
  • Most Recent Purchase: groceries
  • American Idol: incessant
  • Last Part of Your Body Injured: nail
  • Your Desk: organized
  • Favorite Kind of Juice: orange
  • Animal That Freaks You Out: rodent
  • People Irritate You When They: interrupt
  • Your First Kiss: forgettable
  • Your Last Meal: pizza
  • You'd Rather Be: moving
  • The Future: change
  • Hate To Look At: suffering
  • The Ocean: immense
  • Time Since You Got Up and Left The Computer: hours

Avoid your email, I will be tagging!

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Blogger Judy said...

truffles as in chocolates or fungi?... and I have to say, I'm going to be on the search for a good recipe for remoulade now, just so I can find out what it is ;-)

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