Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Craptastic
Oh, Lord, ya'll. I don't even know where to start.

In a nutshell: there are some issues impeding the sale of our house. They're not especially large issues, but they are prickly. Without going into details which no one really wants to hear &, frankly, I don't feel like rehashing, the buyers were misled by their mortgage rep. (Let's call him Jack. I don't feel like typing out "Jackass" every time.) The problem isn't the buyers' ability to obtain financing or anything of that nature, just that the program that Jack recommended to them was ill-advised. Another problem is Jack should have known about these issues & addressed them weeks ago, but somehow forgot all about the file until I called to check in with him on Thursday morning. We went from "Yes, everything's fine, we should close on time. In fact, you reminded me that I need to call the buyers to get some paperwork from them" to "Um, yeah, remember how I said that everything was fine? What I meant was, I have some new hoops for you & the buyers to jump through" a few hours later. And by Friday afternoon, after I spent the rest of Thursday & all of Friday on the phone, trying desperately to fix this, he had pretty much decided that those hoops were now going to be 50 feet off the ground & on fire.


Not sure exactly what is going to happen now. We spent the majority of the weekend packing & are going to assume that somehow, someway this will work out & this is just a bump in the (already pretty damn bumpy) road. I'm not sure what we are supposed to be learning from this latest serving of stress & frustration, but I will say that I am no longer concerned with the amount of money we have to take to closing. I will gladly hand over every single cent we have in savings just for this to end and for our lives to move forward. I believe this is what's known as "perspective". Also known as "nothing like life biting you in the ass for you to realize what's really important".



Blogger Kimberley said...

Girl...I so feel your pain. We're dealing with something similar now. LOVE the effect it is having on my stomach, nerves, etc. Hey..who needs a good night's sleep anyway, right??

Blogger Shawnee said...

Kimmy, I'm thinking happy thoughts for you & Spot. Hope everything turns out well for both of us!

Blogger Kimmy753 said...

Thanks Shawnee...as I am thinking happy thoughts for you as well and the house. It'll all pass right..maybe like a kidney stone..but it'll pass!!! :)

Blogger Kimmy753 said...

Ok..why does my name sometimes post as Kimmy and sometimes as Kimberley...maybe it is my two personalities at war! LOL

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