Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Monday Already?
Monday Already?

What happened to the weekend? Surely it can't be over already! But I didn't get anything done! No packing. No cleaning. Certainly no laundry. No selling-of-miscellaneous-household-crap-on-various-websites. How can I be so overwhelmingly exhausted when I didn't accomplish anything in the past 48 hours? This week is not starting off well. Maybe this will motivate me . . . one word answers are about all I'm capable of anyway.

  • This Moment: exhausted
  • Your Shoes: pointy
  • Craving: energy
  • The State of Your Home: disorganized
  • Annoyed By: office
  • Noise In the Background: rain
  • Really Want To: sleep
  • Thinking About: responsibilities
  • Your Keyboard: wireless
  • Smelling: candle
  • Favorite Product In Office Supply Aisle: pens
  • Don't Ever Want To: settle
  • Your Eye Color: green
  • The Weather: bleak
  • Have Never Tried: curry
  • Think Everyone Should Try: courtesy
  • Last Vacation Destination: zoo
  • The Last Thing You Had to Drink: tea
  • Your Bad Habit: worrying
  • What You're Going To Do Now: work

Ha! Okay, I'm going to try to do something that vaguely resembles work, how about that? And then maybe I'll eat some chocolate. For the energy boost.

I think I'm going to need a lot more chocolate.



Blogger Kimberley said...

Just found your blog and I love it! I think we were seperated at birth!!

P.S. My cousin is a Phi Mu :)

Blogger Shawnee said...

Oh God, poor you! For your sake, I hope you're not as neurotic as I am!

Kimberley, if you check back in, I can't view your profile / blog through that link & I'd love to check it out! Leave me your site address, please.

Blogger Kimberley said...

Oh yes, I wear my neurosis proudly! LOL (sigh..)

My address is kimmy753.blogspot.com.

I'm a rookie blogger so be kind..I'm just learning about this blog stuff. :)

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