Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Blah

Do you think the sun is ever going to come back out? If I am this lethargic & moody after a few rainy, overcast days, I can only imagine how much fun I'm going to be by January. Amongst other things, I am hating:

  • my co-workers. I have colleagues that are unable to find a file, decipher a contract, download photos or access their voice mail without assistance. The worst part is that they truly have no desire to be self-sufficient. Apparently, it is much more efficient to stand around & ineffectually whine about it until someone (namely, me) breaks down & does it for you. I am getting MUCH better at ignoring the whining. Good practice for future parenting, I think.
  • my job. Well, duh.
  • real estate. This morning, I spoke to the Realtor that showed our house at the beginning of the month. He literally spent 10 minutes telling me how "beautiful" & "immaculate" the house is & how "amazed" he is that it hasn't sold yet. Welcome to my world, Troy. Unfortunately, his buyers have to sell their home in Maryland & find jobs here before they would be willing to make an offer. (I don't know why they are looking now when neither of those goals has been accomplished, but then there are lots of things I don't understand.)
  • being tired. I feel like I can't even focus, I am so exhausted. I can't wait to go home, collapse on the bed & sleeeeeeep.
  • laundry. The same basket of laundry has been sitting in my bathroom for three days. I know, all of the moms out there are laughing hysterically right now. One basket? Just three days? When there are only two people in your household, & one of them is me (read: neurotic), that's a lot. The thought of hauling it downstairs, washing it, drying it, folding it & putting it away . . . see #4.
  • dinner. Do other people find it this difficult to decide what to cook every day? It was much easier when I was single & could happily eat a fudgsicle or Cheerios for dinner. Chris is funny about wanting, you know, food in his food.
  • NBC. The bastards canceled West Wing last year & I still haven't gotten over it.
  • The Shrub. If he wasn't the President, I would find his cluelessness & complete denial of reality tremendously amusing. Unfortunately, he is the President. For another 859 days.
  • the holidays. Preemptively. Already looking forward to Christmas, which Chris & I will spend sleep-deprived, punch-drunk & mostly in the car.
  • & my hair. Humidity is not my friend.

It appears that my happy-go-lucky attitude has not deterred a new cat from trying to adopt us. Cat showed up on Sunday evening & has not left our back patio since. Oh, did I mention that we're feeding it? And that I put a fuzzy blanket on the chaise so it would be more comfy? Yeah, that might have something to do with it. Fortunately, Chris found a no-kill shelter near his office that will accept her so I can stop feeling inordinately guilty about someone else's cat. (By the way, Cat seems perfectly happy with the way things are. We supply her with food, water, a snuggly bed, twice-a-day attention & the freedom to come & go as she pleases. Bijou & Lemieux probably dream of the same.)

In any case, The Weather Channel is predicting sunshine this weekend, Oprah's new season starts & the Steelers play on Monday & the new Rolling Stone has Justin Timberlake on the cover - things are looking up!

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Blogger bhm said...

Hey, cats know what's best for 'em. Might as well keep feeding her! Sorry life isn't great - I especially feel for you on the sleep issue. I haven't had more than 6 hours at a time in weeks. That's *more than*. Often, it's less.

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