Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Fun Fact!
Fun Fact!
Before we go any further, I would just like to say thank you to Andre Agassi for keeping me up past my bedtime AGAIN. That makes two years in a row. And honestly, I don't even like tennis all that much. I certainly hope Thursday's match doesn't run 3.5 hours because I know I'm going to get sucked into watching that one too. Now, without further ado -

A bat inspection for a single family residence costs $99.

Did you even know such a thing existed? I would think that you would be acutely aware if you had a bat infestation problem; an inspection would hardly seem necessary. And it's not like this region is known for its bat control issues. But my company recently had a bank stipulate a bat inspection as a condition of closing. My theory is that loan officers have run out of hoops to make home buyers jump through, so they had to invent some new ones. You know what makes this so much more amusing though? The inspection company's name is (wait for it . . . ) Varmint Gitters. I kid you not. Is that the best name you have ever heard or what? Love it! Do you think Daisy or Uncle Jesse came up with that one? Note: I am so repulsed by bats, I couldn't even include a photo of one. Maybe I should get an inspection, just in case.

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