Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Thank God for the Three Day Weekend!
Thank God for the Three Day Weekend!
At about 11 am today, I found out that one of today's advertising deadlines was moved up to YESTERDAY. Um, yeah, see, I left my psychic powers at home AGAIN, so I didn't actually know about this, and I forgot my time-reversal powers as well, so just how in the hell am I supposed to submit these pages?? Our rep grudgingly said I could submit them today (I would probably feel a bit more grateful if it hadn't been her responsibility to tell me about the change in the first place) , but it had to be done by noon, when I originally had until 11:59pm tonight. No one was allowed to talk to me this morning.

Then the MLS spontaneously & mysteriously shut down for the afternoon. Which was right about the time that a client called & told me he wanted to buy one of our listings and was willing to pay full price and where should he bring the money? As much as I would enjoy just looking at $75,000 in cash, I had to explain to him that there were a few legalities that needed to be observed, such as, oh, I don't know, executing a purchase agreement, and even then he was absolutely, positively, not going to bring $75,000 in cash to my office in a brown paper bag. And did I mention that he calls himself Sir Richard?

We have another showing on our house tomorrow, FINALLY. After 2 full months with no pending sales in our area & price range, hopefully this is a sign that the real estate market moving again. And I just cleaned the house on Wednesday, so I don't have to rush home & clean like my life depends on it. Which, in a sad & twisted way, I guess it does. Although since the basic cleaning has been done, it leaves me free to focus on the Really Important cleaning jobs like vacuuming the basement & organizing the linen cabinet. Sure, because most people base their homebuying decisions on things like basement cleanliness & cabinet orderliness.

After the showing, we're off to Detroit. Yes, you read that correctly, I said Detroit. Don't be jealous. I'll let you know if it's as fabulous as everyone says it is . . .
Edited to add: Comerica Park was amazing & the Zoo was one of the nicest we've visited. I might not want to live there (don't be offended, I don't want to live here either), but it definitely didn't seem to be the crime-infested cesspool that many had led me to expect. And I'm refering to Detroit residents! Might be time to take another look.

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