Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: True Confessions
True Confessions
I just listened to Nick Lachey (What's Left of Me) on Napster.

On purpose.


All of the music in the world available to me, & that's what I chose to listen to (twice!). I suppose it could be worse. It could've been Jessica Simpson. Or, even worse, Ashlee Simpson. I feel better now. I mean, it's not like I downloaded it or anything. Yet.

Edited to add: Make that three times.
Edited to add: Four.
Edited to add: Someone please stop me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They've been playing that song a lot on the radio station I listen to most often here in Munich, so I'm thoroughly sick of it by now! *grin* No desire to download it. ;)

Blogger Big A said...

I must say, you pay good hard earned money for Napster and you choose to listen to Nick Lachey. WHAT THE HELL????? I am in town this week. Can we get together on Tuesday!?!?!?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hilarious. guys a friggin fruit

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