Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Is It the Weekend Yet?
Is It the Weekend Yet?
This has been such an odd week. Not like "I went to New York & became an assassin" or "I ate a live cockroach to get to the front of the line". More like mundane mixed with just a bit of "what the . . . ?".

  • Received an offer on our house. Excited? Yeah, me too, until I realized it was for over $20,000 less than our asking price from an investment company looking to buy homes for much less than the market value & then "flip" them.
  • Had a squirrel sit on the roof outside my window & stare at me. (This actually happens all the time at work, but it's still disconcerting.)
  • While screening a prospective tenant, discovered that, other than her name & social security number, virtually everything she had put on her application was false.
  • Met my new dentist, Malibu Todd.

  • I swear to you, he looks exactly like Malibu Ken, except for the outfit.
  • Watched United 93.
  • Realized that I am an idiot for watching United 93. Five hundred kleenex later, all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball & hide.
  • Watched The Wild (or, as I refer to it, Madagascar Lite) in an effort to cheer up after United 93. Not even Eddie Izzard could save it.
  • Had a "customer service" person hang up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor. After I sent a fax to the company, I received a very nice call from the head of the department, apologizing & generally kissing my ass which is always kind of fun. At least for the first few minutes, then it just gets annoying.
  • Steam cleaned the carpets on the 1st floor. Note to self: the little wet, soapy balls of cat fur that shoot out from the machine (yuck) are not mice, so stop jumping out of your skin every time it happens.
  • Steam cleaned the carpets on the 2nd floor. Little wet, soapy balls of cat fur still aren't mice but still make me jump out of my skin.
  • Had a colleague tell me she married her husband because she thought he'd be "good in an emergency".
  • Lost one of my diamond earrings but had no idea when or where so I couldn't even begin to figure out where to look for it.
  • Also lost my brush, dental floss & a pair of pants, all before 9 am on Thursday.
  • Had lunch with my mom, who could only drink tea since she's on the BRAT diet.
  • Wondered if my assistant ran away from home since I haven't seen her all week.
  • The UPS guy tracked me down as I was walking home from work to deliver a box full of hair products that I apparently won last month on allure.com. Yay!
  • Found my diamond earring quite by accident on the floor by my bed.
  • Brush, dental floss & pants still MIA.
  • Watched ER. Managed not to cry.
  • Started reading a (so far) really good book by Anne Tyler, Digging to America.
  • Had to call the police not once, not twice, but THREE times last night. From 11:30 to 12:30 last night, one of our neighbors played with an excruciatingly loud remote control car in the middle of the street & then spent 20 minutes revving his Harley & three-wheeler. The noise could wake the dead. Lights were going on all over the neighborhood. We can only assume he has completely lost his mind.

So now it's 11 am on Friday & I am sitting here drinking chai tea, staring at my computer & the piles of work on my desk & trying to wake up. And I just realized that I have a huge deadline that has to be met by the end of the day today. Completely forgot about it. Thank God I glanced at my calendar.

How many hours til Happy Hour?

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Blogger bhm said...

I subscribe to the theory that it's ALWAYS happy hour somewhere.

Where's that drink?

Blogger JR's Thumbprints said...

I believe everyone has at least one crazy neighbor. My neighbor thought it was okay to park a boat trailer on my property without asking. He also likes to light fire-crackers at night when the mood strikes him.

Blogger Big A said...

I must have the same assshole neighbor that lights fire crackers.

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