Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Why I Don't Watch TV
Why I Don't Watch TV
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Senator Mike DeWine a.) kind of looks like a monkey & b.) sounds an awful lot like his good buddy W? For those of you non-Ohioans, check out the commercial here. Lord, but I hate political commercials.
  • Last week, I was in tears during the season premiere of ER. Chris had to get me a tissue & everything. I'm generally not a crier, but Abby & Luka's baby was born early & then she had to have an emergency hysterectomy, & Jerry was shot & had to have surgery, & Sam's husband kidnapped her (although I totally knew she would end up killing him, thank God, does that mean she'll leave the show now because I'm kind of getting sick of her & her bratty kid) & I'm starting to think maybe I'm getting a little too emotionally involved here.
  • Everything on E! / all reality shows. Did you know that there's a series that features Playboy Playmates as they frolick around the world? I just saw the commercial, but let's just say it did not make me proud to be a woman. Is it possible that these girls are acting? Surely no one could honestly be that stupid, right? Right? And apparently the Carter family (including both Aaron & Nick Carter) has a new reality show. The Lohan family can't be far behind. What a train wreck.

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Anonymous Barbara H. said...

I got teary over ER's season premiere, too. I'm glad the writers let Jerry and the baby live. I was thinking when Abby went into labor, "They just can't let that woman be happy very long, can they?!"

And I got tired of Sam's story line a long time ago. I am wondering if that guy she works for is in the mob.

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