Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Unbelievable
Someday soon, I will have to interview for a new job. It is likely that job will be in Pennsylvania. This is actually something I've been looking forward to, for reasons that should be obvious if you either know me (& have listened to me complain incessantly about my job) or routinely visit this blog (where I also complain incessantly about my job). Of course, I have the usual change-related apprehensions, but I never worried about this:

In the state of Pennsylvania, it is legal to ask a prospective employee if she is married, pregnant & / or has children & then deny her employment based on her answers.

Preposterous! Of course that's illegal . . . except it isn't. I even called an attorney I know to verify it. (Yeah, I'm a suspicious bitch & believe nothing without verification, even if the nice people at
MomsRising.org tell me it's true.) If you think this is ridiculous & needs to change, click on this link to sign the petition. You don't have to be a Pennsylvania resident, just someone who thinks this archaic practice needs to stop. Let's get this bill passed!

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