Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Real Estate Redux
Real Estate Redux
Shouldn't I at least get to have my morning cup of Earl Grey before the madness starts? Apparently, the answer to that is a resounding no.

[Still relatively perky; it is only 9:15 am & this is my first,
and hopefully last, unsolicited call of the day.]
Good morning, [insert generic company name here] Realty Group!

Random Caller
Who is this?

[Didn't you call me?]
Generic Realty Group. May I help you?

Random Caller
Oh, I must have the wrong number, I'm looking for a
real estate office.

Sir, this is a real estate office, Generic REALTY Group,
is there something -


And then he proceeded to call back twice more, presumably still looking for a real estate office, & hang up as soon as I answered the phone. Sigh. Thankfully, now Caroline is here & she can deal with the Clueless Populace.

In other office news, I actually had to leave this notice on the
copier this week. Yes, I am fully aware of how pathetic this is, but it is also painfully necessary. One Saturday a few months ago, the copier had a paper jam while my boss was using it. Since no one was around to stop him (& apparently the control panel flashing PAPER JAM with an arrow pointing to the problem area wasn't enough to clarify the situation), my boss endeavored to "fix" the "mystery" problem himself. In the process, he managed to shower the entire outer office with fine, inky black, nearly-impossible-to-clean-up toner. God knows what he did, or what he was trying to do, but the repairman had to come back twice to fix it. And I spent the better part of a Monday attempting to navigate the office without becoming covered in toner. Unsuccessfully, I might add. Did I mention that I happened to be wearing white that day? Of course I was.

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