Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Things We Do
Things We Do
A few years ago, I was in Connecticut for a cousin's wedding. (And that right there is a story in itself, but it will have to wait for another time.) While I was there, I saw a sign that said:

There are things that you do
because they feel right,
and they may make no sense,
and they may make no money,
and it may be the real reason that we are here:
to love each other
and to eat each other's cooking
and say that it was good.

I love that. For many reasons, including the fact that Chris routinely tells me that he likes my cooking, even when I forget to put the filling in his cream puff or burn the biscuits. (Am I the only one who thinks that both of those sound like euphemisms?) And I firmly believe that there are things that you do in life even if you really, truly, desperately don't want to, because you were raised right & it's the right thing to do. Which is why, instead of going home early, snuggling with my cats & willing this cold to be gone, I found myself in my boss's office this afternoon, holding his hand while he cried about his mom, whose health has suddenly deteriorated.

Now I really need a nap.



Blogger Paperback Writer said...

Well, now that you mention it...it does sound like euphemisms!

Blogger Big A said...

Yes euphemisms!! However, like I have always said the human psyche is an incredible thing. Just a few posts ago, you were ready to kill him.

Blogger Shawnee said...

Nothing's changed on that front, he's still a SOB. I must be nicer than any of us thought!

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