Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Interview Update
Interview Update

My (two-and-a-half-hour) interview went fairly well, I think, except for the fact that my interviewer shared with me that there are over 70 other applicants for the job and the one she met with before me had two Master's degrees. Two! Which, if you're playing along at home, is practically like two more than I have. But she did indicate that I would be getting a call to schedule the next round of interviews so I must have dazzled her with my wit and charm. Or maybe she thought we were kindred spirits in that we both once went to the same hairdresser. (Not you, Mom!) Or maybe she was just trying to get me the hell out of her office because dear God, 2.5 hours? I've had dates that didn't last that long! (Thankfully!) Oh, and when I finally got out of there, I had planned to take the subway home, only to find out that the line that I'm on is being repaired so now it connects to . . . well, nowhere, actually. Which is extra-special fun since one of the selling points of our new house was its proximity to the T. That goes nowhere. Brilliant.

Another interview this afternoon with a different company. Another step closer to buying out Zappos.
Fingers crossed!



Blogger Unknown said...

Take it from me. Master's degrees are overrated. I walk by a sign in the hallway at school everyday that proclaims the average salary for people with various levels of degrees. Masters? $67,000. Um. No. I wish. Sigh.

But I'm sure you dazzled her with your wit and much more!

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