Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Welcome to Meme-ville
Welcome to Meme-ville

So anyone want to hear a little bit more about real estate? No? Well, that's good because, believe me, between work & our house, I would be delighted to never have to think about real estate ever again. Unfortunately, between work & our house (yeah, okay, mostly our house), that's virtually all I can think about these days. Worse, that only leaves me with the ability to entertain (using that term loosely) you by either continuing to bitch about real estate ad nauseam or concentrating solely on memes, which require only a limited amount of brain power.

Aaaaaaand memes it is!

This one is kind of like t
I Never game that we played in college, minus the hangover. To play, copy & paste onto your blog & bold the ones that are true. Have you ever . . .

  • smoked a cigarette - I hate the smell of smoke, but believe it or not, this one is true. I did a lot of things in college that don't make much sense now; smoking half of a cigarette is the least of it!
  • crashed a friend's car
  • stolen a car
  • been in love
  • been dumped - I wish. There's a quote I like from The War of the Roses (LOVE that movie!): "There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull: How do you hang on to someone who won't stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?" I've always been stuck with the ones who won't go.
  • shoplifted - I was quite the klepto as a small child, so it's entirely possible.
  • been fired
  • been in a fist fight - Please, I am such a cupcake. Although there was the time that some girl clawed my face for allegedly stealing her boyfriend. She got thrown out, I went back to my Alabama Slammer, the boyfriend in question (Hi, Mike!) got dumped the next day. Not much of a fight, really.
  • snuck out of your parent's house - Sorry, Mom!
  • had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - Every boy I fell in love with in junior high.
  • been arrested - Not technically arrested. Let's call it "officially reprimanded".
  • gone on a blind date
  • lied to a friend - Probably, but not recently.
  • skipped school
  • seen someone die
  • had a crush on one of your internet friends
  • been to Canada
  • been to Mexico
  • been on a plane
  • purposely set a part of yourself on fire - Excuse me? Do people do that?
  • eaten sushi - I'm gagging a little bit just thinking about it. I have a thing about texture.
  • been jet-skiing - Absolutely not. Water is bad.
  • met someone in person from the internet
  • been moshing at a concert
  • taken pain killers
  • loved and missed someone
  • made a snow angel
  • had a tea party
  • flown a kite - My Uncle Mickey is a kite-flying genius!
  • built a sand castle
  • gone puddle jumping - Not as an adult, anyway.
  • played dress up
  • jumped in a pile of leaves
  • gone sledding
  • cheated while playing a game - I'm too competitive. It's not winning if you cheat.
  • been lonely
  • fallen asleep at work or school - I can barely fall asleep at home, in bed, with all the lights out.
  • used a fake ID - Just once. Then I realized that you don't need ID if you're a young, semi-attractive girl.
  • watched a sun set
  • felt an earthquake
  • touched a snake - Also known as the TKE fraternity house mascot, Apollo!
  • slept beneath the stars - That sounds suspiciously like some form of camping.
  • been robbed
  • been misunderstood - Oh, God, constantly.
  • petted a reindeer/goat - My Uncle Bob had a farm, goats included. They were mean, although not as mean as the chickens.
  • won a contest - Perhaps you have not noticed that I do not have what anyone would consider an abundance of good luck?
  • run a red light/stop sign - What, those aren't optional after midnight?
  • been suspended from school
  • been in a car accident - Three times that I can remember, thankfully none of them serious.
  • eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night - Hasn't everyone?
  • had deja vu
  • danced in the moonlight
  • liked the way you looked at least at one point in time
  • witnessed a crime - Only fashion crimes, but I've witnessed lots of those. And, to be honest, I've been the victim too. I was born in the 70's, after all. I've had the Dorothy Hamill 'do & 80's mall hair, worn plaid bell bottoms and rubber bracelets (not together, thank God for small favors). We should all just be thankful that I didn't have a mullet at any time.
  • been obsessed with Post-It notes - With . . . what? Is that seriously a common obsession?
  • squished barefoot through the mud - Ew. Do you not know me at all?
  • been lost - I actually have a pretty good sense of direction, but a few years ago, Chris & I got lost every time we tried to leave the tri-county area. I think we were too busy talking to pay attention to the road signs.
  • been on the opposite side of the country - California, once as a baby & then again in high school.
  • swam in the ocean - Water = bad, remember? I love the beach though.
  • cried yourself to sleep
  • played cops and robbers
  • recently colored with crayons - several times over the holidays, actually. Did you know that Crayola now makes a shade of orange called macaroni & cheese that is exactly the color of Kraft mac & cheese?
  • sung karaoke - No, & "you're welcome" to everyone who never had to hear me sing a drunken, off-key rendition of Margaritaville.
  • paid for a meal with only coins
  • done something you told yourself you wouldn't - Oh, yeah. I break my own rules all the time.
  • made prank phone calls - What do pre-teens do with their free time now that there's caller ID?
  • laughed until some kinda beverage came out of your nose
  • caught a snow flake on your tongue - Not really sure that would be something that would stand out in my memory.
  • written a letter to Santa Claus
  • been kissed under the mistletoe by your boy/girlfriend
  • watched the sun rise with someone you care about - That would probably require getting up early, right?
  • blown bubbles
  • made a bonfire on the beach
  • laughed so hard you pee your pants
  • cheated on a test
  • been kissed by someone you didn't like - And yet for some strange reason married.
  • gone skinny dipping in a pool - Haven't I mentioned how much I hate water?

Your turn! (Anthony & Mary, this means you!)

Edited to add: I tagged Melissa too; she never fails to amuse me & her life is considerably more interesting than mine. (Which isn't any great feat, but still.) While you're there, make sure to check out this post, which makes me want to move to Wisconsin & beg Missy to become my BFF so I can hang out on a bar stool next to her. In a non-stalkerish sort of way.



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