Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Brought to You By the Letter "R"
Brought to You By the Letter "R"
As I may have mentioned, we finally have an accepted contract on our house. What we do not have is a place to live two months from now or anything packed or really any definite plans for the future. So you (being ever so much smarter than me) would think that obviously I spent the weekend house hunting or packing or something similarly ambitious. And I would like to tell you that's exactly what I did. But I would totally be lying. Because what I actually did this weekend was spend an absurd amount of time looking at paint chips for our fictitious new home (Seriously, why? And on a Friday night too. Could we be any more pathetic?), rent painfully bad movies & get the cats looped on 'nip. Oh, and we opened Christmas presents.

Aside: This is why we're the perfect couple. Neither one of us could stand it anymore, so we agreed that we can open one every day until Christmas. And to think, the first year we were dating, he was horrified that I wanted to open presents on Christmas Eve: it's not Christmas yet, the world as we know it will end if we open presents before Christmas morning, blah blah blah. I am more from the "we're adults & we can open presents whenever we want to" school of thought. (Extra points if you know what movie that's from!) Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Yeah, so anyhoo . . . you may have noticed that I'm even more scatty than usual. I'm afraid coherent thought continues to elude me. Which is why I am so thankful to the delightful & amusing
Metalia for sharing this meme, & assigning me the letter "R", & thus enabling me to avoid doing anything productive for a while longer. (A long while because, damn, this is harder than you'd think. Or maybe that's my severely compromised focusing skills surfacing again.) In any case, here it is:

10 Things I Love That Start With the Letter R

  • Reading. I will read anything, from the classics to bestsellers to trash. (Anyone else have a guilty People habit?) I recently discovered Augusten Burroughs (I know, where have I been?) & I've also been reading a lot of Anne Tyler lately. I just finished Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper, which was amazing and shattering and horrible and wonderful.
  • Research. In case you weren't completely certain, let me assure you: I am a tremendous dork. I love searching for information, discovering new facts, compiling lists. I even used to enjoy writing briefs in my pre-law classes. (Don't tell anyone. That might make me the Queen of Dorkdom.) My dream job is writing the questions for Trivial Pursuit. Oh, God, I am the Queen of Dorkdom.
  • Redecorating. I can't wait to decorate & personalize our as-yet-undiscovered new home! I guess that was obvious when I said I spent Friday night looking at paint samples.
  • Relaxing. I am a Very Big Fan of sitting around & doing nothing. Unfortunately, I am not very good at it & tend to ruin the experience by thinking of all the things I "should" be doing. It helps if I add a large glass of . . .
  • Reisling. Yum! My favorite kind of wine, except maybe Gewurztraminer. But that's a lot harder to say after a few glasses, so it's best to stick with Reisling. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out a way to make "champagne" start with an "R".
  • Ravioli, rigatoni, rotelli, radiatore. Okay, any kind of pasta. I am a good Italian girl.
  • Romeo & Joliet by OPI. A luscious, deep, dark merlot, this is my current favorite polish, especially for pedicures. OPI has gorgeous colors that last forever; I rarely use anything else. My other faves are Mmm . . . Vould You Like a Lick-tenstein?, Smokin' in Havana & Skinny Dip'n Lake Michg'n. My other dream job would be coming up with OPI polish names.
  • Redken Align Ultra-Straight Balm. Makes my curly hair straight, shiny & frizz-free. Which makes me happy. Now if I could just get someone to come over & blow it out straight for me every couple of days. (Hey, Mom, that was a hint!)
  • The Ref. Love, love, LOVE this movie, every single snarky second. This is my go-to movie when the saccharine sweetness of the season threatens to overwhelm me.
  • Rear Window. Hitchcock's best. Grace Kelly is glorious, although I never could understand why she was so hung up on Jimmy Stewart anyway.

If you want to join the party, just let me know & I'll give you a letter!

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Blogger Judy said...

Congratulations on your contract! What a great Christmas present. Now, get busy, girl, and go find that perfect house so you can get busy decorating it!

Oh... and "letter, please." :-)

Blogger Shawnee said...

I gave the letter "K" to Mary at ialwayswantedanickname.blogspot.com.

Judy, appropriately, gets the letter "J"!

Have fun, ladies!

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