Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: It IS a Christmas Miracle!
It IS a Christmas Miracle!
We have (cue drumroll, please) an accepted contract on our house! I have never been so relieved in all my life. Of course, this is still contingent on inspections, financing, yada yada yada & we still have to take an obscene amount of cash to closing & we have no idea where, exactly, we are going to live if it does actually sell . . . but I am totally ignoring those realities right now. Right now, it is enough that we have an accepted contract.

And, as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, then I found
Hee. But here's a tip: do not shave the Yeti* if there is a chance that a co-worker will stop by your office & witness you doing it. Especially if your co-workers already have reason to question your sanity. Yeti shaving is apparently not acceptable in mixed company.

* This is not a euphemism! Check out the link, & be sure to wait for the show after he's shaved. Again: hee. Have I mentioned I am easily amused?

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Blogger bhm said...

I cannot BELIEVE you didn't email me. Loser. But congrats on the offer!!!!

And I finally found the perfect Christmas present for you. I'm gonna TRY to get it in the mail today or Monday, so you'll get it before Christmas. I know. Crazy talk.

Blogger Big A said...

You and that damn Yeti!! Do you have some sort of fetish for the Yeti??

Blogger Judy said...

I am SO definitely stealing the Yeti shaving thing for my blog! Thanks :-)

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