Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: So Sad
So Sad
To say that the cats don't travel well is a gross understatement.

Lemieux subscribes to the ostrich approach, desperate to hide his head and pretend it isn't happening. Bijou yowls like she's in agony the entire time. Literally. The. Entire. Time. Their behavior is distracting at best; allowing them to roam free is simply not an option. And one of them is just a smidge larger that he was 5 years ago & there is no way I could wedge his tubby kitty butt in his old carrier. So, I have been looking for a new, larger carrier to use during our eventual move. My theory is that they will feel more secure (less psycho) if they're in one carrier together. This theory is not in any way, shape or form based on fact. Bijou tolerates Lemieux at the best of times. Being enclosed in a carrier with him for any amount of time is probably her idea of Hell.

Regardless, this weekend, I found their new digs. It is glorious. Five stars on Amazon! And on sale! You know how much I love a sale. There is one small flaw. They won't go in it. I was hoping to get them used to it so that when the time comes, being enclosed in it won't be quite so traumatic. (For any of us.) Bijou rolled around in it for a few seconds, lured by catnip, but scooted right back out. Even treats couldn't entice Lemieux. I know, I spent Saturday afternoon trying to coax him inside.

Lest you think that this was the low point of my weekend, let me assure you: I am much more pathetic than that. I also had the propane tank for the grill refilled, got an oil change, watched Chris clean our gutters and then organized my CDs & DVDs. Until two in the morning. In case you're wondering, this involved some alphabetizing and categorizing. I turned down both a movie & a baseball game as possible alternatives to these exciting plans. So. Yeah, I'm a dork. At least I managed to avoid yard work.

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Blogger Big A said...

Well I felt compelled to leave a comment. I have alot of reading to do on your blog. See you in Cyber space. Thanks again.

Blogger bhm said...

Asha actually has taken to sleeping in her carrier. She will not, however, enter the plush cat "den" that I purchased. Sigh.

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