Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Chocolicious
Stop what you are doing.

Stop stop stop.

Turn off the computer, get up & go to Target right this very second. You must try the Choxie Dark Chocolate Flakey Truffles. They are smack-your-mama good. (Notice I said smack your mama, not my mama, because my mama could totally kick all of our collective behinds.) And while you're out, head to Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly or wherever & buy some Haagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate ice cream. Llllllluscious. Like frozen Mexican hot chocolate, which I also love. If you're watching the calories*, get the Skinny Cow Fat Free Fudge Bars instead. I didn't have high hopes for them because generally fat free = taste free, but they were surprisingly good. And, you know, at only 100 calories per bar, you can eat the whole box in a weekend & not feel all that bad about it. Not that I have ever done that, but you know. You could. If you wanted to.

*Life is short &, like dessert, is to be enjoyed. Just buy the damn Haagen Dazs & get over it.
Is it lunchtime yet?



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