Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: A Short Commercial Break
A Short Commercial Break
During my last bout of insomnia, I decided to watch "Coupling" on BBC America. I LOVE this show, although I miss Jeff. And I'm afraid they may have jumped the shark now that Patrick & Sally and Jane & Oliver have gotten together. I will have to wait until Season 5 airs to make my final decision. Anyway, while I was watching it, a commercial came on for some telephone dating service. And, people - the women on this commercial were NOT attractive. I cannot even begin to describe to you how absurdly unattractive they were. I realize that the women employed by this service are probably old, fat housewives from Arkansas (no offense to Arkansans) with no teeth & deplorable personal hygiene, but shouldn't the illusion be that they're young, beautiful, seductive women? While I was still pondering this, another "talk to hot, sexy, exciting women in your area!"-type commercial came on. But for this service, you needed to text the word "girl" from your cell phone. The voiceover was quite repetitive & emphatic: "That's girl, G-I-R-L, giiirrrrlll . . . " Far be it for me to pass judgment (you know, because that's so unlike me), but if you have trouble spelling "girl", perhaps there are better things you should be doing with your time than text sex. What an odd concept that is anyway. I suppose that's what I get for watching television at 1 in the morning.

Oh, and while we're on the subject (sort of), I recently saw a Burger King (Wendy's?) commercial where they use the term "burger-vore" (burgivore?). Only I guess I wasn't really paying attention, or maybe my hearing isn't quite what it used to be, or maybe I'm just twisted, but for at least 30 seconds, I thought they were saying "burger whore". I honestly puzzled that out in my head. "Burger whore? Hmmm, someone who is wild about burgers, I guess . . . but that hardly seems appropriate for a mass market advertisement. Wow, you can say anything on TV these days . . ." And then the lightbulb flashed & I figured it out. Aside from it being a tad unseemly, I actually thought "burger whore" was a more apt term. Which probably explains why I don't work in television.

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