Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Ill-Mannered
Uneventful weekend in the big, bad 'Burgh. Our friends Jeff & Jen were married in Vegas in June & had a party / picnic to celebrate on Saturday. Aside from being asked approximately 9,345 times when we were going to start having children, it was a nice time. In case you're wondering, some people were asking before we were even married, and the frequency of the question has only increased since our wedding. I wouldn't mind so much except for the fact that the same people keep asking us, & I keep giving them the same answer: I don't have health insurance & we have no desire to pay for the medical bills related to pregnancy & delivery until the child is 20. And I'm sort of mystified why you would keep asking the question when you know the situation is the same. I'm also mystified at how virtual strangers can comfortably ask me such a personal question. What if we had fertility issues or just didn't want children? How is that anyone else's business and honestly, why do you even care? I've noticed that it's almost always the married-with-children set that badger us about this. Shouldn't they, of all people, know better? Are we not money-, sleep- & time-deprived enough for them? (Oh, but we are! Truly!) New answer: "We're having a delightful time practicing, thank you for asking." I'll let you know how that goes.

And then there was the zoo. After a Sunday at the zoo, any sane person would seriously reconsider having children. Spending that much up-close-&-personal time with The World at Large makes we want to weep for society, and I'm not even going to discuss the oh my head horrible outfits people will wear in public, no one wants to see that much of your ass or your tummy pudge, and hello, people? Please? Thank you? Excuse me? Do any of these phrases sound familiar, because I swear to you, I did not hear anyone outside of our little group use any of them. I'm also not going to discuss how so many parents seem to think that manners & discipline are unnecessary concepts in child rearing. I actually heard one mother force her husband to apologize to their toddler for "getting angry" because she kept running away from them. The mind boggles.

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Blogger bhm said...

I get the question of when I'm having children and I'm SINGLE. Oh, wait, that's from my mother. Never mind...

Blogger Teacher lady said...

Oh, I have posted MANY times on this very topic! Mr. J. and I are not having children, and we've gone to surgical measures to ensure we don't. And still, my aunt asked me last summer, "Are you sure?" What? Like, are you sure? Maybe you could have like, half a child? My standard answer NOW (because I've stopped telling people about the vasectomy because that seems to infuriate a lot of people)? We can't. Mr. J. has an undescended testicle and my cervical mucus is hostile to his sperm." Works EVERY time. Plus, I hope, it makes asshats think twice before ever asking that question of anyone else. Sorry for hijacking your post - obviously, this is a hot button issue with me!

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