Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Brilliant May Be Overstating It A Bit
Brilliant May Be Overstating It A Bit

I really rock this whole blog thing, don't I? I would like to blame my craptastic new job for my lack of writing, but since I only posted three times in May, when I was still conspicuously employment-free . . . well, let's just admit that I have been particularly unmotivated lately & move on, shall we? Lots of interesting things have happened recently, or at least some semi-interesting things, or maybe just things in general. Regardless, my brain is feeling like Swiss cheese right now, and you know what that means. Bring on the meme!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I had just become an aunt for the first time. (So! Excited! And she is even more brilliant & beautiful than I could have imagined. Which is amazing, since I thought she was pretty much perfect from the beginning.) Soon after Nessa was born, I flew to Atlanta to visit Mary. My ears wouldn't pop & for some reason, I thought margaritas might help. (Reasonable, I think.) So by the time we landed, I was looped, couldn't hear & was therefore yelling everything. I can only imagine how much fun that was for those around me. Hey, Mary, maybe that's why Jim didn't like me?

What were you doing one year ago?
Hoping & praying for my house to sell. Hating my job. Making plans for the Dave Matthews concert & our trip to Canada.

Five snacks you enjoy.
Just five??
1. Snyder's cheese popcorn
2. Krispy Kreme
3. Pepperidge Farm cheddar goldfish
4. dark chocolate
5. chips or crackers with dip (crab, shrimp, 7-layer taco, Heluva good french onion . . . pretty much any kind of dip or spread, extra points if there's cheese involved)

Five songs you know all the lyrics to.
I can barely remember my phone number, but I am a whiz when it comes to song lyrics & will remember them after hearing them just two or three times. The last five songs I listened to were:
1. Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
2. The Sweetest Thing, U2
3. Wild Horses, The Rolling Stones
4. I've Been Loving You Too Long, Otis Redding
5. Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Let's assume this means multi-millionaire / billionaire, m'kay? Lots more fun to ponder.
1. buy a Kennedy-esque compound on the beach for the whole family - or at least the ones that I don't have the urge to smack on a semi-regular basis
2. adopt lots & lots of kids, à la Angelina Jolie
3. donate vast sums to charity
4. travel
5. invest, so I could continue all of the above

Five bad habits.
1. eating too much fat & sugar
2. not returning phone calls
3. procrastinating
4. worrying
5. baking in the sun (I don't do this anymore BUT I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO)

Five things you like doing.
1. going to the beach (or anywhere, really - I just like to go somewhere)
2. planning stuff & making lists
3. shopping
4. reading
5. sleeping
(In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am a ROCK STAR. The excitement never stops 'round here.)

Five things you would never wear again.
1. my wedding dress - only because, strangely enough, I can't seem to find the appropriate occasion
2. miniskirt
3. padded bra (good Lord, why?)
4. scrunchies
5. leggings

Five Favorite Toys.
I'm not much into toys, but I really, really want a laptop & would like to upgrade the digital camera. And, um, sometimes, when I'm putting the toys away after my nieces leave, I may have been known to brush Barbie's hair. And perhaps change her clothes. And shoes. I may also have bought the nieces & nephews certain toys that I really wanted for myself. (Lite Brite!) But that's normal, right? Hello? Anyone?

If you decide to jump on the bandwagon with me, leave a comment so I can check out your answers!

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Blogger Big A said...

Your frickin' killin' me!!!! I almost pee'd myself reading this. Your literary skills are "on point".

Love you, miss you. Check my Blog!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Lite Brite, never played w/Barbie go figure, but I also loved those cowboys and indians w/the permanent croch spred, your mom is running the sweeper waiting your visit I am going to play w/DAVE THE DIVER,see you soon LOVE CHAR

Blogger Kimmy753 said...

Sucks that your job sucks! Which one did you take?? Email me and let me know.

Meanwhile...your meme is brilliant!! I copied and put on my blog as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Loved the photos, they are perfect. Must get toner at home & print them. Sorry about the job, will get better right? You have met my husband, playing with toys is a requirement.

Blogger Mrs. T said...

I love LiteBrite, and unfortunately my kids do not. Maybe that works in my favor, though.
Am completely on board with your love of all things dip. I could live on dip.
Fun meme. Am feeling slugglish and jet lagged and uninspired, so may have to steal.
Sorry about the job sitch. I want to be a rock star, too.

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