Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Waiting
This is the seventh day of negotiations pertaining to the sale of our house. We still do not have an accepted contract. The buyers refuse to come up on their offer & cannot seem to understand why we are therefore unable to give them every little thing their heart desires, such as appliances, custom-made window treatments, custom-cut mirrors & a home warranty. You would think that it would be enough that they're buying the house for over $10,000 less than the appraised value, but apparently not.

So here we are. Waiting. "Anxiety" doesn't even begin to cover it. I have consumed copious amounts of chocolate & wine & taken innumerable bubble baths, & I just ended up sort of nauseous & distinctly shriveled. So I've completely given up & am now just taking showers & popping Tums. (To be quite honest, I don't think Tums actually help to control the vats of acid churning up from my stomach, but I have consumed so much calcium in the past week, it's probably virtually impossible for me to break a bone.) On the plus side, I think I have actually lost weight in the past week. Yippee. I'm too miserable to even care. The people who have advised me not to get completely stressed out over this neglected to mention exactly how I was supposed to accomplish it. I am open to suggestions.



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