Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: TGIF
40 minutes to go! Woo hoo! I just have not felt like working today. You know, unlike every other day, when I am just so motivated. For one thing, it is a beautiful day, albeit a pinch warm at 85 degrees. And also, it's a Friday. I don't have anything even remotely exciting planned for the weekend, unless you consider getting an oil change and doing more yard work exciting, but at the very least, I won't be in the office. So, yay, weekend!

In spite of my apparent lack of motivation, I have managed to get quite a bit accomplished today. I submitted all of the advertising that was due by Monday; updated the company website; revised the marketing plan for one of our new developments; sent many, many emails (even some that were work related!); submitted a supply order; stopped at the library before going home to get a quote to add central air to our house; threw some towels in the washer; watched the nice repairman fix my oven (because that's a necessity in August); came back to the office to supervise a closing & update my blog. Impressive, no? So, even though my house should be cleaned & Chris would probably appreciate something that looks like dinner tonight, it's perfectly acceptable to go home & watch Oprah & eat ice cream instead, right?



Blogger bhm said...

There is never a bad time for Oprah and ice cream.

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