Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Springs Eternal
That Alexander Pope sure knew what he was talking about.

I just scheduled a showing on our house for Wednesday. In case I haven't mentioned it before (you wish), it has been on the market for 333 days. We've had roughly 902 showings, approximately two of those to people with the ability & intention of actually purchasing a property. So you would think that I'd be rather jaded at this point, wouldn't you? That's apparently because you are a normal person. Unlike me. Because I am all excited about this damn showing & sure that this one will be The One, the showing that brings us a viable offer. Be assured that this feeling of optimism is in no way based on any kind of fact. The prospective buyers haven't even been preapproved and may need to sell their present home to buy ours. And the Realtor showing it is, well, questionable. (Which sounds so much better than shady-as-hell.) Of course you know that if he manages to sell our house, he will be my Most Favorite Person in the Whole Wide World.

Now I have to go so I can figure out where to put the colossal amount of Christmas-related paraphernalia (presents, boxes, wrapping paper, etc.) currently residing in our computer room. Think happy thoughts for us!



Blogger bhm said...

see, but I'm optomistic too. So we can be all optomistic together. Yeay!

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