Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Feast #118
Feast #118
Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets?
Some days, I'm not even sure there's intelligent life on this planet. In any case, I think it would be fairly arrogant to assume that we are the only intelligent life forms in this vast universe. I am at least willing to concede that it is a possibility.

What is one thing you said you'd never do, but you eventually did?
Get divorced / get married again. Thank God I never listen to myself!

Who is the teacher that influenced you the most in school?
Mr. Moore, my junior high school history teacher. He challenged & engaged us & made history seem fresh & relevant. He was also the first teacher that really made me realize that teachers are people (what a concept!), with lives outside of the classroom. I've had several great teachers, but I learned the most from Mr. Moore.

If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be and why?
Too hard to pick just one! I'm so curious about other people, I would love to experience how they really live. Ultimately, I think the experience would make me even more grateful for my life.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?
Cream puffs. It's the only thing I make that I've never had better anywhere else. Also, they appear complicated & everyone loves them. Except for Chris, but that might be because I forgot to put the filling in his the first time I made them for him. I guess they're not quite as exciting when they're just . . . puffs.



Blogger KnicKnac said...

"Some days, I'm not even sure there's intelligent life on this planet." HAHA!!! I wish I would have thought of that! Too true, too true...so....do you share your recipe for cream puffs?

Blogger John said...

Horay for Puffs

Blogger Judy said...

Loved your line about "intelligent life".... and cream puffs are great, aren't they? Share your recipe. The one I had is okay, but I'm always up to try new things!--- lol about "puffs"... I guess I can see why they wouldn't be so very exciting!

Happy Friday.

Blogger graymama said...

I want the cream puff recipe, too. Please!

Nice feast!

Blogger Mandy said...

My mom used to make us creampuffs...my brother ate 17 one day! We still joke about it! When my husband snow blowed (blew?) our neighbor's driveway she sent us creampuffs. Yum!

Blogger Kay said...

Count me in! Please post the cream puff recipe! Lol!

Come dine with me. My feast is served.

Blogger Caylynn said...

Nice feast. :) Great main course and your dessert sounds yummy. :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend. :)

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