Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Must Share!
Must Share!

Guess what I am wearing right this very second???? (All of the perverts may keep their answers to themselves, thank you very much.)





FOUR! And it's zipped! All the way! Comfortably! This is Very Exciting News, people. Turns out that sitting around watching Judging Amy reruns & eating bon bons is not helpful for weight loss. Did you know this? Why didn't someone tell me? Apparently, what is helpful is spending 50 hours per week at work & having no time to eat. Do you think it would be wrong to stay at this job long enough to get back into a size two?

Edited to add: Yes, sadly, this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since my last post. I am not kidding when I say I do nothing but work, get ready for work, travel to / from work & sleep (in order to get up & go to work). My house is a sty. Truly. Ask my mom. The poor woman drove an hour & a half to spend a day with me last week & was welcomed into an unspeakably messy house. And was nice enough to tell me how nice the house looked. Love you, Mom!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! I'm so glad you shared your good news!! That is GREAT news. *happy dance*


Blogger Unknown said...

Now wait a minute. You at least must admit that "unspeakably messy" in your world is QUITE far from "unspeakably messy" in mine. And even somewhat far from the average person's "unspeakably messy". Humph.

Blogger Unknown said...

NOT a nice thing to share with a pregnant lady. NOT nice at all.



Blogger Isabel said...


And happy, for you!

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