Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Thank God for Melissa, the only reason this is a (semi-) active blog. I truly have the best of intentions when it comes to updating. I've written whole posts in my head & even have scribbled a few on actual paper. But I want to avoid writing about anything work-related, mostly because I don't want to worry about getting dooced. Also because it is virtually impossible to describe my work environment without it sounding like a poorly-written sitcom. Unfortunately, since I spend roughly 75% of my waking hours in work-related endeavors, that's really all I have to talk about. Unless you want to discuss my Sephora addiction, my quest for The Perfect Haircut or the fact that I finally, finally! found a local Target with a Starbucks in-house. No? None of those? Are you sure? Because, trust me, I am fully able & willing to discuss any of those topics for hours at a time. Ah, well, if you change your mind . . . in the meantime . . .

One Word Sarcomical Sunday #12

  • Hoping For: motivation
  • Just Finished: newspaper
  • Jonesing For: torte
  • Most Annoying Brady Bunch Kid: one?
  • Word to Describe Your Personal Sense of Style: classic
  • Last Snack: cheese
  • Have Never, Ever Tried: skydiving
  • Last Clumsy Injury: recent
  • Your Environment: messy
  • Daily Object You'd Like to Throw Into Oncoming Traffic: alarm
  • Favorite Kind of Soup: bisque
  • Holiday You Don't Typically Celebrate: Halloween
  • Happy To Have: health
  • Want To Start: routine
  • Need To Start: exercising
  • Last Thing You Purchased: perfume
  • Color of Your Car Interior: blue
  • Color of the Wall in the Room You're In: white
  • Days Since Your Last Night Out: four
  • Number of Rings On Your Fingers: three
  • How Many Minutes It Takes To Do Your Hair: infinite
  • Favorite Outdoor Smell: ocean
  • Number of Clocks in Your Home (not on appliances): eight
  • Where You Put Spare Change: bottle

See you next Sunday!



Blogger Unknown said...

Seriously? All it takes to make you happy is a Starbucks-in-a-Target. MOVE DOWN HERE. They're a dime a dozen, plus, well, I'm here. There you go!

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