Utterly Brilliant Thoughts: It's Still Sunday on the West Coast
It's Still Sunday on the West Coast

And keeping with this week's meme theme . . .

One Word Sarcomical Sunday #11

  • Your Body Feels: tired
  • Your Mind Feels: fuzzy
  • The Last Thing You Ate: cherry
  • Something On Your Desk/Workspace: mess
  • On Your Chest: silk
  • On Your Legs: nothing
  • On Your Feet: pink
  • Favorite Instrument to Hear: guitar
  • Your Last Kiss Happened Here: kitchen
  • Something You Wish You'd Invented: plastic
  • Something You Wish Had Never Been Invented: golf
  • Favorite Place For a Quiet Afternoon: library
  • Right Now You Should Be: sleeping
  • You Hate When People: preach
  • You Love When People: understand
  • When In Doubt, Order the: pasta
  • Band You're Currently Into: Mars
  • How Many Movies You've Gone to See So Far This Month: none
  • Your Favorite Big Brother 8 Houseguest: what???
  • Your Least Favorite Big Brother 8 Houseguest: none
  • Your Maternal Grandmother's Name: Mena
  • Your First Childhood Pet's Name: Madison
  • The Number of People in Your Family With Red Hair: two
  • What You're Thinking about Doing After This: laundry
  • What You Really WISH You Were Doing After This: sleep



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